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On parade at the 2009 Goodwood Revival. 


Brake System

The braking system for these cars underwent significant change in 1957. The main changes involved the wheel cylinders, master cylinders, brake shoes and a host of smaller detail changes.

Annoyingly, some of the 1957 amendments are compatible with pre-1957 cars and some are not, so your pre-1957 car may be fitted with a mixture of early and late parts.  Also, please be aware that some of the early cars have been modified over the years to take the later parts, so you may buy the correct part for your car and then discover that you can’t fit it!

Please read our descriptions carefully and compare our photos with the parts coming off your car before ordering.  If in doubt please email us for advice.

Standard issued the following guidance for Dealers advising the chassis number change over point. However, I have found exceptions!

Standard 8 – CS 110976.
Standard 10 & Companion/Commercial  Derivatives – BE 111973. 
Pennant – PN 3540
Telephone : usually Ansaphone (sorry) 01225 835565

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