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On parade at the 2009 Goodwood Revival. 


Standard 8 10 Pennant Engine Mounts

We sell two types of engine mounts. 

Square Type - As originally supplied on these cars
Round Type  - A cheaper alternative to the above

I have to say that replacing the Engine Mounts is by far the worst job to do on these cars. What I do is this:-

1.    Remove the dynamo/Alternator for better access
2.    Same with the radiator
3.    Start on the battery side as this has the least access
4.    Replace the battery side engine mount but do not tighten things up just leave things loose 
5.    Replace the other Engine Mount. This will involve pushing, shoving and swearing       
6.    Tighten everything up
7.    Put back the Dynamo and radiator
8.    Resolve never to do the job again but pay a garage instead!  

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